How a Singapore SEO Company Can Help Your Business


To beat your competitors in today’s business world, your business products and services need sufficient exposure. Advancing Internet technologies make it easy for consumers to gather information about your products and services when they arrive at your site, but first, you need to get them there. Business owners in Singapore who design and develop their own websites without the proper considerations could be missing out on something very important – search engine optimization, or SEO. For Singapore business owners who don’t have much (or any) experience with designing an optimized website, turning to a Singapore SEO company for help is a wise decision.

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Short introduction to SEO

Any business that wants to effectively use their online presence to increase sales or brand recognition needs to maximize their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. SEO is a method of letting search engines know what your site is about, how well connected it is and how valuable the information on it is to a visitor so the search engine can rank is higher or lower in the results of a search.

How do Search Engines know what to look for?

The cornerstone of SEO remains keywords. Keywords are the words or phrases a person enters into a search engine to tell it what to look for on a website. The engine then scans your site to find out how many matches and near matches it contains and puts the one with the most highest in the search results. However, just filling a web Read More…

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Use An SEO Agency or Do Your Own Website Optimization?

When it comes to optimizing your website for search engine ranking, hiring an SEO agency can seem so expensive you may be thinking of doing your own SEO. Having someone else provide SEO services can be pricey, but there are times when it is a better idea than trying to do it yourself. There are also times when doing your own website optimization makes more sense.

When to do it yourself

There are two instances when providing your own SEO services is going to be better than hiring an SEO agency. The first is if you are dealing with such a small and isolated market that there is almost no online competition at all. If you sell a “thermobobular-externalgnesis-pale-manufacture rubber band barrette for bald men with rainbow eyes” that Read More…

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Content that matters will drive your website to the top


On your business’ website, you can locate the products and services that you are offering. There is an expertly crafted “About Us” section, and even a photo gallery. You have taken the time to write, and think, and rethink about every single word on your website. Still, sales and traffic are not really at the place you would like them to be. Well, you had one thing right. The success of a website is all about the wording that is used on the website. However, you had the type of wording mixed up. The content marketing, and search engine optimization, or SEO, is what brings your site to the top of the results page when a topic is searched.
You have opened your favorite search engine before and typed in a Read More…

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Integrating Content Marketing and Social Media for Successful Businesses

If you understand the importance of social media and social media websites such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and others and how it can help your website become more relevant and topical to your customers, you are that much closer to understanding the importance of integrating your content marketing for SEO content with social media in order to increase the success of your business.

integrating-content-marketing-social-media-for-successful-businessesSocial media has a very important role to play in connecting with the public. Since many of those members of the public are your current and potential customers, you need to you use as many outlets as are available in order for you to grow your business accordingly.

Content marketing, as part of a search engine optimization or SEO Read More…

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Content Marketing is the new SEO

SEO internet marketing, also known as search engine optimization, is not the same as it was in the past. Long gone are the days of throwing up any kind of website and placing irrelevant or misleading content high in keyword density but low on content marketing value. Search engines may in the past look at the number of unique visits to a website generated by this old method and reward the site with high rankings but nowadays, more effort must be put toward creating content that has substance and relevance to the website it is based on. This type of process of building a web presence through the use of content marketing is the evolution of SEO and must be understood in order for you to yield positive results from Read More…

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Apple iPad still Rules

The Apple iPad is the largest selling tablet computer in the world. With more than 100 million units sold since its inception in 2010, the iPad has quickly become the gold standard for all other types of tablet computers that are produced and sold in the market today. This includes the Android based Google Nexus 7, Amazon Kindle and KindlePro, Barnes & Noble Nook reader, Samsung Galaxy, and Motorola Zoom tablets, as well as the BlackBerry Playbook.

apple-ipad-still-rulesIt is projected that tablets, which are held by approximately 31 percent of all web users will reach 40 percent of all users in 2016, with tablet sales approaching 190 million units against personal computer sales of 2 billion. Research also shows Read More…

SEO Benefits of a responsive websites

When you have a business, your main goal is for it to be known. For this to happen today, you need it to rank well in the search engines, and most websites are failing at just that. They have different formats for each type of screen, and this implies three websites for each format.

responsive-websitesThis will make your clients waste time by clicking links and waiting for the pages to load. You’d also have to stretch yourself thin: between link building and social media activity, you’d spend thrice the time to update each site, ending up with no time to thinking about new ways of improving business.

Also, you end up spending too much time developing a website, and steal clients from your other versions – Read More…

Why optimize your Website for Tablets and Mobile Devices?

Way back when, to be effective, scientists concluded that for the Computers to have bigger capacities, they’d have to be as big as skyscrapers. Today, at the beginning of a brave new century, those optimistic foreseers have yielded their claims.

tablet-optimizedPCs and iOS , like the rest, are getting stronger as they get smaller… This is good news for progress and also for clients. The speedily enlarging market for P.C tablet technology is building to something basically amazing.

Some tablets will allow you to skim the Web, watch flicks and play casual games without the requirement to depend on an enormous portable and its standard keyboard. Other widgets focus upon features like reading for long time Read More…